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LeiSURe pRacTising

Relaxing  Emotions   Sensations   Sharing   

The AS Gérardmer CK welcomes you at the nautical base. We have a lot of different supports : canoeing , kayak, paddle, dragon boat and activities : renting, supervision, we adapt to your desires.


Families & single persons



Come and discover the gerardmer lake at your own rhythm. For an hour or half a day, alone or with people, you have a great choice of boats :

  •  Canoe (from 2 to 4 persons)

  • Kayak (1 or 2 persons)

  • Paddle (from 1 to 7 persons)


In July or August, booking is not necessary. Our team welcomes  you from 9 to 18

Happy hours : if you come to rent before 11, youp ay 1h you have 1 free extra hour

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We accept credit  cards, cheques, holiday vouchers , cash.

Emballage de kayak

and leisure centers

Canoeing is more than a sport, it makes peope discover the environment, : from discovering the local fauna, and flora, how a river is formed, to learning the different uses of water. A complete program can be prepared.

We can make you discover this activity on Gerardmer lake with all our equipments on our nautical base, or on a river, in a more adventurous environment. The level is adapted to your practising level. If necessary, we can do the activity as near as possible.

We can welcome groups up to 50 children, with graduated instructors and made them have a varied experience thanks to our Dragon Boats, canoes, kayaks and paddles.

We can also organize training sessions with a few lessons. These lessons are the same as these  given during collective lessons with a programm to learn how to use Colour Paddles.

Children  must have passed a swimming  test  before practising these activities.



Seminars – Making  useful and pleasant things !

A working session and at the same time  a  leisure activity ? We have a meeting room at your disposal for your working meetings, and then you can practise canoeing after work !

Canoeing is for everybody, it makes your discover the environment without too many efforts ! You can relax, admire the landscapes and practise  a sport at the same time. It is ideal to relax after a working session.


Team building

The aim is to building a team spirit and a group dynamic. Choosing a sport activity is a good way to integrate new staff, strongther  ties between employees.

Canoeing is for everybody, you are  in a new environment making ties evolve.

It is necessary to collaborate and to look help each other to move on a lake or a river. The group will be  able to look for its limits in order to cope with the river ‘s swirls. Our large choice of boats enables us to organize fun challenges with Dragon Boat (20 persons paddling per boat), polo kayaks (a sport mixing kayak and handball.) or paddles(from 1 to 7 persons).


Celebrating the end of your single woman’s/men’s life ! Great Memories !


Organize a great moment of laughing and relaxing before getting married !

You’ll have different pleasures with our large choice of activities : paddle, Dragon Boat, Kayak polo, Canoeing…

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